How to Decide the Name of Your Newbie Blog?

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The name is the very import part of the blog. Naming is not a small task because once you gave the name to anything or any person it will become its future. When I decided the name of this blog, I had no idea about it. I have done mistakes that I am informing you to avoid that same mistakes.

If you want to become a pro blogger like professional, before starting the blog your few days should be gone to decide the name of the blog.

I have given the name technicalrazz to our this blog. I have done it one and a half year ago. In that time it was easy to rank but now the ranking become too tough for that you have to follow all the ranking factor. The naming of the blog is one of the ranking factors.

Naming is the first factor for ranking the blog. Now a day the naming has become very tough. You have to think deep for naming. At the time of naming the people found some confusion as follows-

  • ·         Can I use my name as the name of my blog?
  • ·         Can I use a common word like Tech, blog in my blog name?
  • ·         I am not sure about my niche, what will be best?

There is much more confusion in the mind of people but the above questions are common to all type of thinking. I am going to share some ideas, by which you can easily pick your blog name. Every name is good but there are some factors which play important role in name optimization.

Try Again and Again to write the good name

Now you need to relax. Take a pen and paper and start to write any name which is running in your mind. You can use the word but don’t use your name as the name of your blog because when anybody uses a personal name, it represents the personal thing. When you use your name as a blog name, you lose the chance to create the niche for your blog and will become the personal blog, therefore, you should not use your personal name.

For example, I am giving this example, similarly, you can do also. remember this is only the example. Assume I create a new blog and the blog is about Blogspot. I found the following name ideas and I wrote it on paper.

  • ·         TheBlogspotHelp
  • ·         TheBlogspot
  • ·         TheBlogspotNinjas
  • ·         TheBlogspotHub
  • ·         TheBlogspotDaily
  • ·         TheBlogspotCode
  • ·         TheBlogspotCoder
  • ·         TheBlogspotHacker

I created this list of name for my new blog. Which one is the best for my blog, therefore, I started to remove the names one by one. For removing I think about the following questions.

  • ·         What is the aim of my blog?
  • ·         What is my targeting traffic?
  • ·         Will be the name matched with content?
  • ·         Will the name be lasting for a long time?
  • ·         Is the name unique or is it matching to any big brand?

After asking this question to myself I found many names failed. I found these two names as a strong.

  • ·         TheBlogspotHub
  • ·         TheBlogspotDaily

This both names are following my thinking and it is suitable for all the above questions. This is the first thing you have to do when deciding the blog name.

Don’t use the Trademark Name for Blog Name

This is the bigger mistake done by maximum people. Don’t use the trademark name. For example Google, Apple, Microsoft, AdSense, Bing and so on. The using of the trademark name can create a legal issue on your blog. Once the legal issue created on your blog, you will be lost your blog.

If you want to know more about the trademark here is the direct link to wiki trademark.

Detect on the Social Media for Brand Name

This is another important thing to fix in mind while deciding the name of the blog, check the visibility or availability of the name on the social media websites.

If you have decided the blog name as a TheBlogspotHub, the name is also available on social media website then you should go for this name. If you did not find anything like this name on the social media website, you should go for the other name.

Keyword Rich or Keyword less

This is the most important thing to remember while deciding the blog name, is the keyword in the name of the blog or not. I will explain it in my next blogpost. The following thing you need to keep in mind-

  • ·         Don’t try to choose the long name for the blog
  • ·         The name of the blog should be memorable and easy
  • ·         The blog name should not be hard to pronounce
  • ·         Always use the custom domain (.com or .in)

Now you have to decide you blog name by following this tips and don’t forget to inform me is it helpful or not? After deciding the name you should purchase the custom domain for your blog. This post will help you in adding the custom domain for your blog.

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