How to Change Theme in Blogger? – Step by step tutorial

Hey, today in this article I am going to tell you How to Change the Theme in Blogger. In this article, I have mentioned two methods to replace the theme in Blogger. It is very easy to do that. You just need to be aware of the blogger’s dashboard. Even also a beginner person can do this in a pinch. As you know, when you create a blog on Blogger, you get the default themes of Blogger. That themes are very simple and not so good in look. Therefore this becomes mandatory to replace that theme with an amazing theme.

Let see how you can replace that default theme with another one default theme. Let see how you can make it happen. Follow the Steps below –

Step 1 – Log in to your Blogger account with your Email id.

Step 2 – Select any one blog where you have replace the theme.

Step 3 – Go to Theme in Blogger’s dashboard.

Step 4 – Click on the Theme which you have to install.

Step 5 – Finally click on “Apply” button.

Congratulation! Your theme installed successfully. Some of them default theme has the multiple colors. You need choose any one of theme. After selecting the color, click on the Apply button.

The advantages to using custom Blogger templates

  • The themes which given by the Blogger are classic.
  • By this theme your page load time will be staying in maintain.
  • There are not more scripts like other themes.

If you are using the default Blogger theme, your blog will be looking not so good. These themes are like a very simple book. Which have not any colorful designs. Here are not present any social media buttons. Like, Share on social media or follow on social media. You have to implement these buttons by yourself. It will be your responsibility. In the footer, you get the blogger logo by default. If you are wishing to change it, you cannot.

If you want to install the pro theme like my blog there are two methods to do. First of all you need to download the perfect theme for your blog. There are many free Blogger themes are available on the internet. Just go and search it on a Search Engine.

Before going ahead, we are assuming that you have downloaded your theme with its folder including documentation and XML file. If you haven’t, pause this article here and download the perfect theme first. Now you are ready to go ahead, so let see how to make it happen –

How to Change the Theme in Blogger?

I have divided this tutorial into two methods. Because sometimes the uploading method does not work properly. Even you cannot make changes with this method. Therefore you can make changes by following the second method.

Method 1 – By uploading Theme

This method is the primary and professional method to change the theme of your BLogger blog. You can change your theme very safely by following this method. You only just need to upload your downloaded theme folder here. To know how, follow the steps –

Step 1 – Log in to the Blogger and select the blog where you want to change theme.

Step 2 – Now navigate to Theme menu in Blogger dashboard.

Step 3 – Click on the “Arrow” button beside of Customize button. (it will open a dropdown.)

Step 4 – Just click on Restore in dropdown and then “Upload” button. (it will open your computer file manager.)

how to change theme in blogger

Step 5 – Select the XML file of the theme from the folder.

Step 6 – Click on “Open” button on the window. (It will start the Restoring theme process.)

If the uploading will complete successfully, Congratulations! You have changed your blog’s theme successfully. Don’t worry if your theme couldn’t restore successfully, follow the next method. I guarantee you that the theme will have been changed successfully.

Method 2 – By replacing HTML of the theme.

It is the final method I mean by this method your theme will change 100%. Sometimes the theme is not able to change by the previous method. By this method, your theme will change successfully.

Step 1 – Log in to the Blogger and select the blog where you want to change theme.

Step 2 – Now navigate to Theme menu in Blogger dashboard.

Step 3 – Click on the “Arrow” button beside of Customize button. (it will open a dropdown.)

Step 4 – Just click on Edit HTML option in the dropdown. (It will open theme’s HTML editor.)

Step 5 – In theme folder, open the XML file in Notepad and copy entire code.

Step 6 – Paste whole code in theme’s HTML editor of your Blogger blog.

how to change theme in blogger

Step 7 – Finally click on the button.

Congratulations, your theme has been changed successfully. This method does not go failed. So if you are unsuccessful to change using the first method, use the second method instead.

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