How can you cancel a PayPal transaction if not claimed?

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PayPal is widely used to do international money transactions worldwide. It has much simple interface which makes it user-friendly, and transactions can easily be done on it. You can easily transfer money on PayPal but can not cancel easily. This article is for you I will tell you how to cancel a PayPal transaction if not claimed.

PayPal is an online transaction system mostly used for international transactions. While handling a client from another country, he pays you in his currency on your PayPal ID. Then PayPal transfers the money to your bank account and currency also gets converted to yours. PayPal is a digital money wallet like Paytm and its app is also available to use on mobile. Currently, PayPal allows only international transactions in India.

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How to transfer money on PayPal?

PayPal is very user-friendly and it looks very easy to use. Before canceling a transaction you need to learn how to send money on PayPal. There is no need to add money first to the PayPal wallet before sending it to anyone after the 2019 update. Like Paytm you can do transactions directly through your bank account here.

If you have started an international business, you will have to do an online transaction. In India ICICI bank is good for international transactions. Go to that bank and create an account. After creating a bank account you have to add that account to your PayPal account or else you can link any nationalized bank account to your PayPal. Sometimes the cards of any bank do not work properly. Therefore I am telling you about ICICI. Now you can also link the only cards too.

In India there is a rule to sending money – You can not send money by using PayPal in India to India. This means that you can not send money to anyone who lives in India. In India, PayPal uses for only international transactions.

Let get start step by step guide –

Step 1 – Login to your PayPal account

cancel paypal transaction

Step 2 – Click on the “Send and Request” option

Step 3 – Search the person by name, email address, or mobile number where you have to send money. After searching make sure is your selected id confirmed. Now click on the “Next” button

Step 4 – Add there the amount to send after that click on the “Continue” button

Once again confirm the name or email id or mobile number at the top. If you found something mistake in that click on the “Cancel” button.

Step 5 – Select any of the bank account or card you have added at the time of creating an account on PayPal and click on “Next” button.
Step 6 – Verify your id, receiver id, and the amount and click on the “Send Money Now” button.

After that, it will redirect you to the payment gateway to your bank and your bank will send you OTP on your number. Enter that OTP there and click on confirm OTP button. Now it will show you a success message.

Congratulations! You have done it successfully.

Note – In India, there is only international transactions are possible. You can not do India to India transactions.

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How to cancel a PayPal transaction?

You can’t cancel the transaction if the status shows completed. It means the receiver has collected the money and now the owner of that money is the receiver. If you want your money returned, you have to contact directly to the receiver.

If you make a payment to anyone or any company, it has a status like “Completed”. You can cancel payment only when it would be showing an “unclaimed” status in the PayPal activity area. Unclaimed status means the receiver hasn’t collected the money yet. In this condition, you can easily cancel a PayPal transaction. Let’s talk about the process to cancel PayPal transfer –

Step 1 – Go to the Activity page in your PayPal account.
Step 2 – On the Activity page, locate the payment which you have to cancel.
Step 3 – Click on the “Cancel” button in the Action column.
Step 4 – Now click on the “Cancel Payment” button.

Now it will show Cancel status. Remember, Your payment will automatically be canceled if it is on pending status for 30 days. It will return to your payment method from where you have done that payment.

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