How to Add Logo in Blogger Blog – Insert at Header, Sidebar & Footer

how to add logo in blogger

Hey, today I am going to tell you about how to add logo in blogger. In this article I am going to tell you every thing about how you can insert logo in blogspot and how?

When you start blogging, your first recommendation is start a blog on blogger. Blogger is best in beginning.

We all know Blogger in very different than WordPress. Blogger is basic blogging platform used by beginners. There are no more customization options in Blogger. You have to do every thing manually there. On the other hand in WordPress you can do same work by single click by using plugins.

Let get started without wasting your time –

How to add logo to Blogger?

You see different websites daily. Every site have it’s different logo. This is mandatory to have a logo on header of the website. In some sites you find the logo in the sidebar and in some sites you find it in the footer. Next you will see where you can insert logo in Blogspot. I will tell you the easy tutorial by following that you can add your logo easily.

Add logo to Header of Blogspot

Before adding logo you need to understand bloggers dashboard and customization options. Let start the steps as follows –

how to add logo in blogger

Step 1 – Go to Blogger dashboard.
Step 2 – Open Layout option.
Step 3 – There you can see Header logo click on it.

After clicking on that it will open Configure header pop-up page. There you can see many customization options. Actually these options are for Header.

insert logo in blogspot
  • Visible – If you want to show your Header, make sure you have ticked in check box.
  • Blog tittle – Enter your Blog’s tittle here. It will display like my blog’s name Bloggingdept.
  • Blog description – Enter your Blog’s description here. It won’t display on your header.
  • Image – By using this you have to add logo.

Step 4 – Click on “Choose file” button.
Step 5 – Select the logo image from your device. After selecting logo it will display there
Step 6 – Finally click “Save” button.

If you are willing to add different logo for mobile view. You can use Mobile logo option as shown in above image.

Your logo have added to your blog’s header successfully. If your logo is not displaying, try again and again by resizing logo image. Try to add logo with less resolution.

Add logo to Sidebar of Blogspot

If you are willing to add logo in sidebar, the position of your logo depends on your theme. Because every theme have different places to add gadget.

Step 1 – Go to Layout option.
Step 2 – Scroll down and find Sidebar options and click on +Add a Gadget button.
Step 3 – It will open a pop-up window. Choose image option from the list.
Step 4 – Click on Choose file button and select file from you device.

Add logo to Blogger footer

The process to add logo in footer is similar to sidebar. Earlier you created a gadget in the sidebar, now you want to create the same gadget in footer. The options to create gadget are similar in sidebar and footer.

Here are also options available to move your logo one place to other place. If you want to add some introduction about your blog, add that to caption area of the image. There three places to add logo in footer, first is left side, second is center and third is right side.

You can also add contact form to your blogger blog. I have written a very brief but short article about it.


Adding logo is mandatory task because it point like your site identity. Adding logo is not enough task, you also have to add icon to your site. When someone open your site, that person will see your icon.

I hope you have got idea about add logo to blogger blog. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any about this article, feel free to ask me by comment or contact me.

Thanks for reading.

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