How to connect the domain to your Blogger blog – Step by Step Guidance

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When you create your blog on Blogspot, it is connected with the domain. This domain is provided free for all of us. In this article, I am going to tell you the step-by-step guide for how to connect the domain to the Blogger blog. My recommendation is for you to use the custom domain instead. You have to purchase a custom domain for your blog. The custom domains are not free. You have to spend your money on it. But that is the best.

Beginners: Start a Blog on Blogspot.

If you are a beginner at blogging and have created the blog on Blogspot, your domain is like ‘’. This is your default domain name. The custom domain name is like or, for it the good example is our domain name you can see.

There are many benefits of using the custom domain for the Blogspot blog. Now we are starting the main and very important part of this post. The process to set up a custom domain is a little bit technical but I will try to make this process so easy and non-technical. I am sharing the process to set up the Blogspot custom domain. You have to follow this process step by step. By using this process you can change your domain with the custom domain. Now I am going to start the tutorial. I am assuming you have purchased the domain name from Godaddy and you have created the blog on Blogspot. if you have not created it first.

How to get started with a custom domain?

The first thing to remember is to buy a good domain (like .com, .in, etc). You don’t know the advantage of a custom domain. I will write a special post about it. You have to invest the few for that but many benefits you will get.

You can see and compare my domain. Which one is best or

If you have not purchased the custom domain yet, don’t worry I will cover that topic as earlier as I can. You can read both posts to increase the value of your blog. By reading these posts you can decide and buy your suitable domain easily. I am suggesting you ‘try to buy the .com or .in only’. Before going to purchase the domain you should decide it first. After deciding you can buy it easily.

I have already told one thing and I am telling that now also, I am assuming.

  • Your blog is created on the Blogger platform.
  • You have bought your custom domain.

If you are thinking you have created the backlink for the Blogspot domain and after changing the domain you will lose your backlinks and traffic then don’t worry. Google will take care of it. You won’t lose your traffic.

How to connect domain to Blogger?

This is very easy to point from to a custom domain. By doing some simple changes in your blog and DNS of your domain, your Blogger blog will redirect to your custom domain. Let see how to make it happen –

Step 1 – Go to Setting >> Publishing in your Blogger.

how to add domain in blogger

Step 2 – Now click on Custom domain as shown in the image.

how to add domain in blogger

Step 3 – Enter your domain with the prefix ‘www’ as shown in the image and click on the Save button.

Now it will ask you to change CNAME (Name and Destination). You just need to put these CNAMEs to your domain registrar’s DNS record. Now keep one thing in your mind, there are many domain registrar websites. You can purchase from anywhere. In this article, I have registered my domain on Godaddy. Same steps you can follow for any domain registrar website. You only need to change your CNAME records. If you don’t find the option to change it, contact your domain registrar’s website.

Steps to add CNAMEs in DNS record

how to add domain in blogger

As you can see I have underlined the part that you have to copy and paste. Here you have to add two names and two destinations. So let see how to make it happen –

Step 1 – Go to DNS setting or DNS management of your domain.

Step 2 – Now you have to follow your on-screen steps.

Step 3 – First of all select the Types or Record Type as CNAME.

Step 4 – Enter the Name (www) in the Host Name or Host section and enter the Destination ( in the Address or Point to or Target section.

Step 5 – Do the same with another one couple of Name and Destination and Save the settings in both domain provider as well as Blogger.

Step 6 – Now the option to redirect from to your added custom domain will be available to enable. Now enable Redirect domain option in Publishing setting. Your blog won’t redirect to your custom domain until enabling this option.

Wait for 2-4 hours, your blog will redirect to your custom domain. So this was the full process of adding a custom domain to the Blogger blog.

Watch this video to better understand

Final words

I hope you like this article, if you like, don’t forget to share it with your friends. To know more about blogging, keep coming to our blog, we write blogging-related articles daily. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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