How Do I Unlock My Android Phone If I Forgot My Pin/Pattern/Password

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Sometime you lock your phone for any particular reasons and you draw a unknown pattern or enter a pin by mistake or enter a password by mistake. You forget you password/pin/pattern. To unlock it, you search on internet like how do I unlock my Android phone if I forgot my pin. In these time every person have their own phone. It means every person have their personal phone.

Why is screen lock in phones?

Once you lost your passcode, you can’t do anything. You have to reset your device directly. What do you think? Screen lock is available in phones for security reasons. If the screen lock can be opened like this, people’s privacy will not be hidden. It means that the screen lock is used to protect your privacy in mobile.

There is no way to open your phone without password. You have to reset your mobile. Remember that by resetting your phone you lost all your data. Unfortunately Everything is erased.

But now a days there are less chances to loss passcode. Because there are smart ways to open your screen lock like face detector and fingerprint sensor. But sometime your phone face detector is unable to recognize your face.

There are some hidden bugs in phone. Sometime your phone’s screen stop working properly. By switching your phone off you can solve that problem. But how will you switch off your phone. Because to switch off your phone you need to touch switch off button on screen.

To solve this problem you search for “how do I unlock my Android phone if I forgot my pin”. In all these conditions there is only one way to access your phone. The way is reset your phone if you want to access your phone.

How do I unlock my android phone if I forgot my pin

There are two methods by using it you will get back to your phone. Unfortunately you will loss everything in your phone. I am going to tell you very easy and very simple way to get back to your phone.

  • Factory reset by using phone
  • Erase everything by using Google

Factory reset your Android phone

This is the first way to break the lock of your phone. To do factory reset you only have to use your phone. There are two conditions first is you can switch off your phone and second is you can not switch off your phone. There is one solution for these both conditions.

You don’t need to touch your phone screen if you are doing factory reset. Here you can use volume buttons and power button only. Let get started step by step –

Step 1 – Press the power button and volume down button together.
Step 2 – Hold it for 10 second (it will open Android recovery system).
Step 3 – Now go to Wipe data/factory reset by using volume button.
Step 4 – Press power button on Wipe data/Factory reset button.

Here you can see the process to reset your android phone will be started successfully. Don’t press any button until reset is complete. Once it complete you will get back to your phone.

If you don’t like this method, don’t worry I have second method for you. If you are not feeling comfortable by above way, reset your phone by using Google.

Reset by using Google

This is an incredible method. You need a Google account if you want to use this method. Process is very simple. This is very master method provided by god Google. I personally recommend you this method. Without wasting your time let start –

First of all you want a Google account that is open in a locked mobile. Now you want to open the same account in another device. You can use any other device but I recommend for computer/laptop.

Step 1 – Open chrome browser in your laptop.
Step 2 – Login with same Google account which is logged in your locked mobile.
Step 3 – Now search for find my device on chrome browser.

how do i unlock my android phone if i forgot my pin

Step 4 – Click on “ERASE DEVICE” button.

Now you can see your phone will automatically get switched off and the process to resetting your phone will start automatically. Before erasing your device make sure the above device is yours. Otherwise you will reset your brother’s or friend’s phone.


This is complete solution on how do I unlock my android phone if i forgot my pin. As you can see there nothing you can do if you forget your phone’s password. There is only one to open it and that is reset your phone. This is only a action which you have to take. You can do this with two methods as I have mentioned above.

I hope you get your solution by reading this article and I hope you like this article. If these methods are proven relief for your phone, don’t forget to share this article with your friends. If you have any query, feel free to ask me.

Thanks for reading.

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