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One of the best and cheapest hosting providers, I haven’t seen ever This company has opened 2 years ago in 2019. Since 2019 it has hundreds of satisfied customers. The hostreek. is about to become a brand name in web-hosting services. If you are with hostreek, you don’t have to worry about even when a lot of traffic on your website. A very helpful technical team is available 24/7 for help when you need it by phone, email, live chat, and what’s app too. The web-hosting services from this company is pretty good for small online businesses. 50-60% discount available on the starter plan here, a free domain, free SSL, free template too.

hostreek is one of the best hosting provider company in India. hostreek has many varieties of hostings with 24/7 available customer support. Read this complete review and make sure is it the correct option for you or not?

In this review article, we will put all the pros and cons about this web-hosting service –

  • Performance – How fast your website will load with this hosting
  • Loyalty – Are they loyal to provide you 24/7/365 their service?
  • Customer Support – Are they care about your questions to give you an early reply?
  • Feature – What things are available on the website to build a website?
  • Pricing – Do they have the best prices than others? Any money-saving offers?

Note – You don’t need to read the whole review article. In a short word, we have found it a very good, loyal, fast, and affordable service with friendly 24/7 customer support.

Therefore we have chosen it for one of the best web-hosting service company 2021. We are not telling you must go for it, here is your choice.

About HostReek

First of all let’s talk about the front structure of the company. We are not admiring about this company, it’s the truth about the company.

This company built in 2019 and started to give their services from the starting of 2020. Now it has listed one of the best as well as cheapest hosting providing companies in India. Now they have achieved thousands of users.

They always try to stand for a long and lasting relationship with their customers or users. In short they will impress you by their services.

They are available 24/7 to solve your questions and problems. They provide the best infrastructure and free support.

Pros and Cons of HostReek

All web-hosting companies have a few different pros and cons. That means companies have almost the same pros and cons. We can’t ignore it, it’s a fact.

Here are Pros and Cons, we have observed –


let talk about some advantages of hostreek which make it a better choice.

  • Pricing – Their plans are damn cheap within reach of most users, those who have newly started
  • Reliability – They have the power to handle a large number of websites with zero downtime
  • Free Domain – You will get a free yearly domain with some particular hosting plans
  • App Installer – You can install any app or plugin withing single click
  • Free Theme – If you buy any yearly plan, you will get a premium Astra theme for your site


Their is not a single thing on earth without something wrong in it. Before signing up keep this disadvantages in your mind.

  • Higher domain renewal price – The free .xyz domain has a large renewal price

HostReek Performance

The most important factor is performance as compare to other factors. Website speed affects not only the user’s experience as well as it comes under on-page SEO of your website. Don’t worry about it if you are with HostReek.

I am using Hostreek right now on my blog. I have tested the website speed with the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and you can see the result in the screenshot given below. My page size was 625KiB

Page Speed in PC

This is my speed performance in PC

Page Speed in Mobile

This is my speed performance in mobile

Hostreek Speed test Result

If you want the fastest website you need to select the fastest hosting for it. To testing the speed of hosting of this company, we are using the BloggingDept blog. This blog is hosted with this company. Now we are going to test this site and you will see how really fast the hosting is.

Our website is created on WordPress and using the non-premium colormag theme with 2 javascript into it. We have 74 posts and our page size is about 590KB. Let’s see how fast the hosting is? For testing purposes, we are going to use the Pingdom tool.

Here is our test result – review

As given in these screenshots our website’s load time is less than 2 seconds. We are getting a very good performance grade that is 80 out of 100, even when our website is active and we also use some plugins too. What do you think isn’t this result awesome?

Hostreek Server Response Time

When you take a test of your website using tools like Pingdom, it will basically show how everything loads on your website. This all data included images and videos on your website, it will increase your website’s load speed and test tool show more time than the plain text.

Now we are going to test more accurately than Pingdom and we are using the tool named Bicatcha. It will show accurate server response time without loading any files and data. review

Now as you can see our website’s performance in the above countries. The website is loading in under a single second. I don’t know why it is showing more time in India than the US, London, Canada, and Germany. however, Performance is A+ as you can see.

Suppose you target for US how beneficial the hosting for you! You can also change your server locations, if you want to change.

HostReek Plans and Features

It provides several varieties of plans as per your budget and the size of your business. This includes shared hosting, business hosting, unlimited hosting, professional hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, domain, and domain transfer.

Let take a look at HostReek plans and features –

  • Shared Hosting – Shared hosting is the best choice for people who started newly with low traffic. To share a website’s server resources with other websites is the main function of shared hosting.
  • Business Hosting – Business hosting is the best option for people who have to create a website for their business.
  • Unlimited Hosting – Unlimited hosting is best for people who have more websites and they want to create an assembly in a single place.
  • Professional Hosting – It is best for people like who is a professional writer or bloggers.
  • Reseller Hosting – If you want to earn profit you can go for it. resell and earn.
  • WooCommerce Hosting – Woocommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, it allows you to start a online store with WordPress.

All hosting plans allow you to install wordpress in a single click with Hostreek services.

You will get Control panel with all the above mentioned plans to handle, to manage your website and to create data bases etc.

Top Shared Hosting Plans of Hostreek

Hostreek have 4 starter plans as you can see in the following image. The plans are too cheap, even a beginner can also buy it. review

Let take a look on what included in each plans –

  • Starter Plan – You can host only 1 website here. It can host 1 domain and 4 subdomains, 15 GB storage, 4 Email Accounts, Free SSL certificates, Free .xyz domain, and for this you have to pay only ₹53 per month.
  • Professional Plan – Here you can host 10 websites. With 10 domains it can host unlimited subdomains, 45 GB storage, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates, and for this plan you have to pay ₹120 per month.
  • Unlimited Plan – Here you can see, you can host unlimited websites with unlimited domains and subdomains, 70 GB storage, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificate and for this plan you have to pay ₹199 per month.

If you are a beginner you can select any plan in the above-mentioned plans you can easily build your website with these plans. You can start a blog easily with this hosting.

Support and Customer Services

It is human nature, always we all need help now and then. Hostreek has a technical team that is available 24/7 to solve your problem. It is very important that you need to choose a hosting with great help and support when you needed it.

Nonetheless, at times you may have to converse with a person to get more help.

Hostreek offers an all-day, everyday support framework where you can converse with their customer support delegates utilizing live talk or telephone. This is truly helpful when you need fast help from specialized support staff.

One thing that is missing is the ticket-based support framework. Hostreek as of late chose to kill ticket-put together support to center with respect to the individual methodology of live chat and phone-based support. Be that as it may, a few clients may in any case miss the ticket-based support framework which is especially acceptable if your issue can’t be settled in one live chat or phone session.

Is Hostreek the Correct Choice for You?

What will you think about this hosting after reading this review article? Is it correct for your website or not? What you think? Tell me a comment below.

All their hosting plans include help and support 24/7 hours. Their expert technical team always stand for you. It will be very reliable and cheap for you.

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