Hmm meaning in WhatsApp – Why do girls use it more while chatting?

what does hmm meaning in whatsapp

Hey, there are billions of people who use messengers (What’s App, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and many more) to send messages to their friends and parents. Today we are going to talk about the word Hmm, we use it while chatting on WhatsApp, but what does it actually meaning, why do we use it.

In today’s fast-paced world everyone is in a hurry. So even when chatting on messenger, we skimp on typing the full word. Instead of those words, we use the same quiet short. Example – I love you we have replaced this sentence with I Luv u. Also, there are many short words we use instead of the full words.

What does Hmm meaning in WhatsApp?

Let see what does Hmm meaning in WhatsApp and Facebook chat. First of all, I want to tell you that Hmm is not a word of nor English nor Hindi nor Marathi. You can not find this word in any dictionary because there is no official patent on this word. This word is generated by unknown people. Some people use it as Hmm and some as Hmmm but both are the same. The fact is that girls use this word more than boys when chatting and talking.

As I have told you this is not a real word. You can’t find it in any dictionary. Just as we express emotion when we speak, the word Hmm expresses emotion in written form. There are several situations where we can use this word. Let see the situation where you can use this word.

What is the full form of Hmm?

The word Hmm which we use while chatting is not actually a word of Hindi, neither English nor Marathi language, so if you want to know the full form of Hmm then let me tell you it is not an acronym. It is a word that has been created to express a positive response in a nutshell. Earlier it was limited to speaking but now it also comes in writing on social media. And now using this word has become quite common. We use many acronyms as messages while chatting like LOL, ASAP, WTF, AFK, etc., this Hmm word cannot be considered like them.

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When to use the word Hmm?

There may be many situations in which you can use this word to express something in short. As everybody knows the main use of this word is to say yes. Along with this, there are some conditions in which people used this word.

  1. To say yes – Suppose your friend asking you something, and if you want to say yes in reply to him, you can use this word instead of writing a complete affirmative sentence. Let see an example –

    Friend – Brother is it good?
    Me – Hmm… it’s really good.
    Friend – Are you listening?
    Me – Hmm…

  2. To express the wonder – Suppose your friend is telling you something unbelievable thing, and you want to express that you became surprised after heard him, there you can use this word. Let see an example –

    Friend – Do you know, this horse is 100 years old.
    Me – Hmm… really.
    Friend – This is world’s biggest volcano
    Me – Hmm, I didn’t know.

  3. Didn’t understand – This is another case in which you can use this word Hmm. Suppose your friend try to tell you something strange and you didn’t understand that what he wanted to tell actually, in this case you can use this word. Let see an example –

    Friend – An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.
    Me – Hmm… what.
    Friend – Fool this the definition of computer.
    Me – Oh… got it.

  4. In demand of answer – A lot of time we ask someone a question, if the person in front didn’t answer it, we can say Hmm to ask for the answer again. Let see an example –

    Me – Aren’t you going to wish him or something?
    Friend – (Said nothing)
    Me – Hmm?
    Fiend – Yes, I am wishing him.

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This is the full meaning of the word Hmm in Whatsapp and Facebook chatting. There are many words are there like Hmm which we use at the time of chatting without knowing what is their actual mean.

To know more amazing things like today’s keep coming to our blog. I hope you have learned something new. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading.

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