GameXpro aka B乛LaC丨Łegit’s real BGMI & PUBG ID

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GameXpro doesn’t need any introduction. It is a big name in the gaming world. He has a different name in PUBG, whereas GameXpro is just the name of its YouTube channel. In this article, we will know which is the real PUBG ID of GameXpro.

The name of the guy behind the GameXpro YouTube channel is Ravi Rawat. He is a gaming videos creator specially focused on PUBG & BGMI. Despite its name and PUBG ID, people know it more by the same name as GameXpro. He is wearing a black half t-shirt, black half pants, and a yellow hat so that this is a special identity for him. Those who are his fans are very curious to know his real PUBG ID. Therefore in this article, I’m going to tell you the ID on which he currently plays.

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The in-game name of GameXpro is B乛LaC丨Łegit and his BGMI ID no is 5397003232. As you can see, what is written in front of his name is B乛LaC, which is the name of his clan of which he is the leader. Earlier his same ID was in PUBG global but he has been transferred to BGMI and at present, this guy is playing in BGMI only. Let me tell you some more interesting things about him.

Ravi Rawat is an Indian gamer whose main purpose is to entertain people by making gameplay videos of PUBG. For which he uses YouTube, the name of his YouTube channel is GameXpro. He had started his main YouTube channel on 9 July 2018 and currently, this channel has above 4 million subscribers. Apart from this, it has another channel named Bawli GANG on which he also uploads videos of PUBG. He is from the Uttarakhand state of India. In 2021 he is 23 years old.

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