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In this article, we will see what is MSCIT course and what is the full form of the term MSCIT. In the present time, the importance of the internet and computer knowledge has increased a lot due to the digitization of all facilities. Nowadays all government and non-government facilities are easily available through the Internet. It is very important for everyone to have basic knowledge of computers and the internet.

This course was launched by MKCL in 2001 to impart knowledge of computers and internet to today’s people.

What is MSCIT Course?

MSCIT is a computer literacy course and it has been started by MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited) in 2001. Not only MKCL but also MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) has made a significant contribution in launching this course.

This is the basic computer course in which you learn some basic concepts of computer. This course helps you to increase your confidence to use computers. You also get to do a lot of jobs based on this course. But one of the disadvantages of this course is that it does not run anywhere outside Maharashtra. If you want to do a job with the recommendation of this course, you can do it only in the state of Maharashtra.

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The full form of MSCIT course

The full form of the MSCIT is Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology. This is the course to get certified in Information Technology. As you can notice they have specially mentioned the name of the state, which directly means that this course is valid only for those participants who live in Maharashtra.

full form of mscit

M – Maharashtra
S – State
C – Certificate in
I – Information
T – Technology

What do you learn in MSCIT?

Let’s take a look at what is special in this course, which makes more and more students eager to do this course.

  • (ERA) eLearning Revolution for All – In MSCIT you are taught using ERA software. Era is software that shows you small tutorials.
  • Whatever you hear and see on ERA software, you will get a chance to practice it immediately on your screen. It called Hands-on practice sessions.
  • Whatever you have studied in this course, you will get a professional certificate that has been validated by the government. And that is your Certificate in Information Technology only for Maharashtra State.
  • To revise the session taught at the institute, you will be given a book to read and understand. And there will be a QR code on every page of this book, which will be scanned and you will get a video of what you are reading.

Syllabus of MSCIT course

The theory and practical of MSCIT are taught on the latest operation systems. The syllabus of MSCIT on the latest is as follows –

  • Windows 10 (Operating System)
  • MS Word 13
  • MS Excel 13
  • MS PowerPoint 2013
  • MS Outlook 2013
  • Internet Explorer & Mobile Apps
  • Apply online government schemes & Documents
  • Use of Mobile app and websites
  • Netiquettes
  • Cyber Security
  • Go Green
  • Ergonomics.

With this syllabus you will get some skills, that are as follows –

  • Typing skills
  • 21st Century Job Skills
  • 21st Century Daily Life Skills Websites and Apps
  • 21st Century Citizenship Skills
  • 21st Century Study Skills
  • Scripting skills
  • Cybersecurity skills etc.

The syllabus of MSCIT does not end here. There is so much to learn from the points mentioned above. Such as the formulas used in Excel, and many more. It is very difficult to mention it all here and that topic will go out a bit. If you want to know the complete syllabus of MSCIT, click on the download button below.

Time duration of MSCIT course

The official time duration for this course is approx. 144 Hours, but you can complete it within 60 days.

eLearning of Classroom Content50 (1 Hour per Day)
eLearning of Lab Content on Computer and Smartphone50 (1 Hour per Day)
Book Reading, Self-Study, Revision and Practice44 Hours
Total Hours144 Hours

Eligibility and criteria for MSCIT

There is no higher qualification required for this course, you just need to fulfill the following criteria –

  • You should have a strong desire to learn about Information Technology.
  • You should probably have the tenth pass, but having a tenth pass is not compulsory.

Fees structure of MSCIT course

If you come under Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), the fee structure for you is as follows. The first table is for those people who live or want to find a MSCIT institute in one of the areas of the Mumbai metropolitan region.

Mode1st Installment2nd InstallmentTotal Fee
Single Installment₹4500N/A₹4500
Two Installment₹2350₹2350₹4700

If you are anywhere from Maharashtra except Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, the fee structure for you is as follows. The fee structure as mention below table is applicable all over Maharashtra. Suppose you are from Nagpur district, you have to pay ₹4000 in a single installment.

Mode1st Installment2nd InstallmentTotal Fee
Single Installment₹4000N/A₹4000
Two Installment₹2100₹2100₹4200

Job opportunities after MSCIT

First of all, let’s talk about the government sector. In Maharashtra, the first condition for any government sector job (which includes computer-related work, e.g. clerk, accountant, etc.) is MSCIT. So if you want to do a job under Maharashtra Government, do this course.

Now let’s talk about the private sector. In fact, MSCIT is not widely accepted in private IT companies. Because this course gives you limited education about computers, it does not make you an expert in a particular thing. And you know how much competition there is in a private company. To do a job in a private company means you have to know coding, you need to know about computer languages. And not all of this is taught in MSCIT.

It’s not that you won’t get a job on this course, you will get a job, but it is in a startup company. Where you get a lower salary. If you want to go to a big IT company. you can’t go through MSCIT.

Some other important full form of MSCIT

One more important full form of MSCIT is the Master of Science in Information Technology. Actually, this one is written as MSc-IT. This is the Master’s degree course in Information Technology after bachelor’s degree.

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I hope after reading this article you have an idea of what is MSCIT, what is the full form of MSCIT and where it is important. Jobs can be found on MSCIT in the government sector, but we do not guarantee in the private sector.

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