17 Free SEO Tools to Improve Website Ranking

Hello, friends today I am telling you about some free SEO tools. These SEO tools are very nice. It will help you to increase your SEO score.
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When we start blogging as a newbie blogger, we didn’t know anything about on-page SEO and off page SEO.
When we start a blog, keywords research is the first task for us. The keyword is a very important factor.
Some SEO factor you have to put in your website by yourself. No SEO tool will help you to put it automatically.
  • Add language tag to your website
Let start the free tool one by one.

1. Google Page Speed Insights:

This is the first tool of my list. You can check your websites speed with the using of this tool. It is measures your website speed performance on PC as well as mobile devices. Is your website working correctly with correct speed? You can find this with the help of this tool.

2. Google Keyword Planner:

This is the second tool of my list. It is a very useful tool. As you do keyword research on any tool same here. Here you can get a new keyword idea. Not only idea but also you can check key opportunities. It shows search volume and range also.

3. Google Trends:

Friends we all know about Google trends. Many professional bloggers get the help from this tool. The keyword you are using, is it in trending or not? You can check this with using of this tool. This is a very systematic way to find the new idea about the keyword.

4. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the other product provided by Google. From where do the visitors come? What is your website’s bounce rate? How many returning visitors are? How many pages does visitor observe? This all question’s answer can get by this one tool.

5. Keywordtool.io:

Keywordtool.io is the tool for keyword research. It shows us the keyword as well as the related keyword also. It does not work on one search engine. It works on your required search engine.
In short, if you want to rank on Bing it will suggest you the keyword which is running in Bing’s server.

6. Answer the public:

Answer the public is the old and most useful tool. It is the tool for keyword research. It suggests the different keywords for our website.
It is a very different tool. The presentation of it makes it different from other tools. It shows questions for our keyword. It shows preposition for our keyword. It shows the comparison of our keyword with different keyword.
It shows alphabetically related keywords.

7. Open Site Explorer:

This tool is not for doing. This tool is for measuring your domain authority or page authority. It gives the full report of backlinks.
Open Site Explorer is the product provided by MOZ.

8. MOZ bar:

Moz bar is the chrome extension. You can add it to your chrome. This bar gives us all information about on-page SEO of the particular website. It gives link detail also.

9. SEO Quake:

This is also another chrome extension. When serving a website we get automatically many information about that website like moz bar.

10. Copyscape:

When we apply for AdSense, they check our whole website. If the website will have some copied content, they do not give us the approval.
That means Google hates the copied content. If anybody steals our content, this tool informs us.

11. GT Matrix:

GT Matrix is a very famous tool, use many bloggers. This tool gets in use to know the speed of the website. It also shows why the website is slow?

12. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a very useful and very practical tool. By using this tool we can distribute our content in social media very easily. Only some few steps we have to do for it.
We can add out our three social media account in the free version.

13. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is a very important tool for me. It is my favorite tool. We can find the keyword language-wise. It is very easy to run. It shows accurate data. It is the part of neilpatel.com.
Many professional bloggers get in use it to find the keywords. Ubersuggest gives the idea about related keyword also. This data is also accurate.
It shows the chances to rank on your keyword. It shows opportunities to rank with your keyword.
The data of search volume of this tool is near real accurate. It shows some related web pages to your keyword.

14. SEO Analyser:

SEO Analyser is the other tool from neilpatel.com. it is a very expensive tool but it free for everyone. You can check your website’s SEO progress. It is the SEO audit tool.
It checks the SEO score, the speed of your website, keyword position etc.
In short, it is all in one working tool.

15. SEO Site Checkup:

It is another SEO audit tool. It also helps to check out our website SEO. It works properly. We can correct our mistakes with this tool.

16. SEOptimer:

It is also the tool which checks the SEO of the website. It shows properly where we can improve in our website.

17. Grammarly:

Everybody knows about Grammarly and its work. It is very useful for English blogger because it audits the spellings and grammar of your blog post.
While we type our blog it shows the wrong words we have typed.
You can find your keyword by the above tool and you can also find the related keyword for your keyword but you should know how to optimize blog post with the keyword.
  • How to play with keywords
No one SEO tool will help to do internal linking in your blog post. It does not take place automatically. You have to do it by yourself. 
  • Link your one page to another page

Note: I have created this list with my research but I have not shown it by it ranking. I have created it alternatively. This is wrong to compare these without their owner.

Final Word:
It is a very useful SEO Tools. If you do changes in your website with the help of these tools, you will not rank immediately. It will take some time to rank.
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