Simplest Ways to Get Visual Storyteller Badge in the Facebook Group

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Hey, we are again here to introduce you to a new topic. In this article, I am going to tell you about the Visual Storyteller Badge on Facebook. If you are an active user of Facebook, then you will be a member of at least one Facebook group. If you look at the list of members in that group, you see a few are admins, a few are moderators, and all members. But some people have certain words written in front of their names along with certain designs. Such as Visual Storyteller, Rising star.

What is Visual Storyteller in Facebook?

Facebook provides badges to group members who provide amazing content and help in the group grow. Visual Storyteller is a badge provided by Facebook to the people who have shared good visual (images & videos) content in the group. This badge awarded to those people whose shared content gets more engagement from the group members.

Here comes a new word, Visual storytelling, what does it mean? Visual means things that we can see such as images and videos. So the meaning of a full phrase is telling a story via image or video. This same definition applies to the case of Facebook. To grow your business on Facebook this strategy you can apply. Use amazing and colorful pictures to increase engagement on your post so that people should stop when they see it.

As you know very well about engagement. Engagement can be any from like, comment, share and post save. If you share content that includes very attractive images or videos, so that people could not ignore making engagement with your post, you are more likely to be given a Visual Storyteller badge. Not only that, but Facebook gives Admin, Moderator, Rising star, New member, Conversation starter, Link curator and Founding member badges to different people for different performances. Read this all Facebook badges article.

How to get started with Facebook Visual storyteller?

This may seem easy to one, but it is difficult to get a Visual storyteller badge in a really large Facebook group. Because large groups have a large population, therefore the competitors are also in high number.

You have to work hard to get this badge. You need to set a time to post to the group. You need to make as many posts as possible in a day. You have to spend most of the day on Facebook. If you do this frequently and follow this same for a couple of weeks, it will increase the chances of getting this badge. You only need to focus on choosing the images and videos which you want to post.

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Ways to get Visual storyteller badge

  • Use amazing & attractive visuals
  • Use question containing visuals
  • Engage more with members
  • Keep commenting on others posts

1. Use amazing & attractive visuals – This trick can work on people of every type of group. Whatever the group type, be it education, business, lost love, or friendship group, this trick works. Suppose you are in a group of love and sharing an image containing good love thought with a couple hugging photo, everyone will love this image. These types of images can help you to increase the likes on your post. And this can also increase the shares of your posts.

2. Use question containing visuals – Every Facebook group have different types of people. Some people scroll down the feed only, some people react only, some people give reactions and comments. And if your post is more ultimate, people can’t stop themself from sharing it with friends. Now let get an example – suppose you are a member of a love group and you shared an image contain a message for love, so the lover guy can’t stop sharing your post with his lover. They both give the answer to the question. This trick will increase the comments on your posts.

3. Keep engaged with group members – If you follow this trick, you will get some good friends in the group. You post in a group and suppose you get a minimum of 50 comments. Don’t ignore these comments, reply to them all with positive words. This trick will help you to create a good image in those people’s minds. On your next post, someone else does comment or not, this 50 people will do. As you can see this trick is helping you to create your economy in the group.

4. Keep commenting on others posts – I have personally experienced this trick. If someone does like and comment on your post, so this is your duty to do comment on his posts. By doing so, the same person does not hesitate to comment on your next post. If you do the same with many people, you will create a strong connection with particular people. This helps you to build a good economy in the group.

How to make badges visible in the Facebook group?

You can do this setting, only when if you are the admin of the group. If you don’t see the badges in your group, you need to make them visible first.

Step 1 – Go to your group (Where you area admin).

Step 2 – Now go to the settings of the group at the left to the page.

Step 3 – Go to Badges in Customize Group and click on button.

Step 4 – Tick all the check boxes and click the “Save” button.


There are many badge provided by Facebook to the group member. You need to follow different criteria for each badge. Keep posting the exclusive images on groups.

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