EBC Full Form – What is the full form of EBC?


What is the full form of EBC?

The full form of EBC is Economical Backward Classes. This is such a backward class in which people are classified by their income, not by their caste, a person of a non-reserved category whose annual income is less than 8 lakh comes in the economically backward class.

It comes in two types, EBC and MEBC (which abbreviated for Most Economically Backward Classes). In India, it has a different definition from state to state, so its rules can be seen differently in every state.

Those who come in EBC have been given reservations in jobs, higher education, and government schemes under the constitution of India. The following castes are eligible for EBC reservation –

  1. Brahmin
  2. Maratha in center
  3. Lingayat
  4. Veerashaiva
  5. Jaat
  6. Gurjar
  7. Patidars/Patel
  8. Rajput
  9. Jain
  10. Marwadi
  11. Muslim (Non-OBC)

What is an EBC certificate?

If you have not got your EBC certificate, then you are missing out on a lot, because on the basis of this certificate you get a reservation in jobs, higher education, and schemes. As mentioned above, if your family’s annual income is less than 8 lakhs and you do not come under any of the reserved categories, then you are eligible to apply for it. However, you should go to your State’s citizen welfare department and check whether there are any additional eligibility and criteria for appearing in EBC.

Eligibility to get EBC certificate

We are just trying to give partial information through this article. It may also happen that our stated criteria are not applicable in your state, there may be something different. Therefore, you have to go to your tehsil and find out.

  • Your family annual generated should be within Rs. 800,000
  • If the applicant has a farm, then that land should not exceed 5 acres
  • The residential space of the applicant should not exceed 1000 sq. ft.
  • If residential area is in notified municipality section then it should be under 100 square yards. If residential area is in non-notified municipality sector then it should be under 200 square yards.

FAQs on EBC Certificate

Que. Is EBC and EWS the same?
Ans. Yes, these both are used for the same. EWS is defined by the Union Government of India and EBC is used on State level or institute level.

Que. Do SC, ST, and OBC people also come under EBC?
Ans. EBC is such a class that is only for the general category people, so this is not for SC, ST, and OBC.

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