DTH Full Form – What is the full form of DTH

dth full form

What is the full form of DTH?

The full form of DTH is Direct-to-Home. This is the system in which a receiver fixed somewhere on the earth captures the signal from the Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS) and then it displays us in virtual form using the TV. India has the largest DTH market in the world by the number of active users.

Earlier there used to be only cable services. The cable provider used to have a big dish antenna installed in his own house. But now it is not so, whoever watches TV can take their own dish antenna special.


  • This service was recognized by the Government of India in November 2000.
  • The first DTH service in the country was started by Dish TV on 2nd October 2003 (Dish TV owned by ZEE Entertainment Enterprises).
  • The first free DTH service in the country was started with the name DD Free Dish by Prasar Bharti in December 2004.
  • Tata Sky launched their DTH service in August 2006 with the venture on Tata Group and Star India’s parent company.
  • Sun Direct and Airtel Digital TV launched their DTH service in 2007 and 2008.
  • Independent TV (Reliance Big TV) launched its DTH service in August 2008.

DTH broadcasting company in India

  • DD Free Dish
  • Tata Sky
  • Dish TV
  • Airtel Digital TV
  • Sun Direct

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How does DTH system work?

dth full form

Let suppose with the example of the CNN TV channel, it has a video production facility. We called all those types of content providers as Program Source. This channel needs to be available on multiple satellite TV broadcasters’ networks at the same time, which we called DBS providers.

To do this, they send a signal to the transponder (These transponders are installed in the geostationary type satellites). Then that signal is captured by the DBS provider. And now this DBS sends these signals to the different transponders. Now the dish antenna installed in our homes captures these signals. (Ku Bands (12-18 GHz) are used in dish antenna to receives the signals)

It is now encrypted to prevent theft of these signals and is backed up by a dedicated card in your Dish’s set-top box.


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