Most Effective Methods to Drive Organic Traffic to Website

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Did you find that you have to do more hard work for every single page view on your website? It happens when you do not promote your website like crazy. In this post, I will show you the best method which will help you to get more organic traffic to your website.

Your goal should be to focus on growing your website’s organic traffic and after turn your organic traffic into your website’s regular users. That means link building, keyword research, and capture the emails of users this is the important things for that.
This guide will help you to understand the whole process, including every method you need to drive more traffic to your website.

Methods to drive more organic traffic to the website


1. Do Keyword Research before writing

If you do not keyword research, your traffic cannot understand what is this topic targeted for, they are not able to understand which post will rank for what, therefore keyword research is important to drive more traffic.
Keyword research is you’re the first and very important strategy that can help you in growing the organic traffic of your website.
While doing keyword research you get the idea about what is in trending in your blog niche. Keyword research is like snipping on a single particular topic.
Keyword research is the process by which you will become able to understand user’s questions as well as you will be able to match your content with real questions of users.
Your SEO strategy needs to be used more supported keywords in your post, which means you need to have a list of master keywords. You can find the keyword list from any keyword research tool.

2. Create the Strong foundation of Content

What’s your blog extremely about? What sorts of posts should a blog like yours have on it?
If you have a soup blog, you need to have content covering things like the types of soups, the best way to brew them, and their benefits for health. The posts like these are your cornerstone content
Your content will be:-
  • Very Useful (answer the questions of your readers)
  • Encyclopedic (looking at the inquiry from all points)
  • 1500 words long (long content better rank better)
  • Perfectly optimized with on-page SEO
Cornerstone content is the base and everything has tied with it. Without it, there’s less point in directing people to your blog because the targeted audience will not able to find anything when staying around to see.
You will get the pin of traffic but very few numbers of readers.

If you are still writing about types of soup, you do not need to link to Wikipedia articles every time you can link your post to other related articles also.
You have to be able to link your article with it, you need to create the links network, this guide needs to be deeper into your website it will increase the staying time of users on your website.
Now simply start to write the new post, don’t forget to use the keywords which you have found using the previous method.
Now take the thumb up, you should feel free to link your cornerstone post to other same topic posts, the linked post should have detailed information about your topic.


3. Guest posting to build high-quality backlinks

Many big bloggers accept the guest post because that is good for their audience and also it is free of cost quality content.
Even many bloggers are always ready to write about other bloggers because they get more links from other domains.
The more exceptional domains that link back to your content, the better it will rank.
This is because the authority works on the principle of diminishing return, few links from high authority websites work better than many links having small authority.
The process to build the backlinks –
Write the new content and try to add the keywords having medium search volume.
Now you need to find the blogs which accept the guest posts. Try to create the relationship between your content with receiver content that means if you want to write for soups, you have to find other soup blogs or other similar blogs.
Now you can use any tool to find out the relevant blogs, create a spreadsheet having the blog name as well as their contact details.
Let create the email like –
Subject: I want to write for [blog name]
Hi [first name]
I am a regular reader of your blog and I like to read your content on [blog name], I will like to write the guest post for you. I have recently written for [blog name] if you want some sample of my work [post link]
What do you think?
[your name]
This is the most effective method to get the approval to write the guest post from the blog owner.

4. Contacting sites for syndication opportunities

Syndication is the method in which the big company’s site picking up the content from any small business website or a small blog, then publish it on their domain. That means you will get a number of high-quality backlinks without any effort.
Sometimes people are going to have to deal with journalists, remember the journalists are the busy people they have not time to spend for you.
You are so lucky if you are avoiding them. You can find the best place for you to get opportunities. You will be able to get the chance to reach a big audience and get links.
To find out the website that syndicates is tough because the sites that syndicate doesn’t shout about it, actually, this is the actual problem.
When contacted to syndicate editor use the email like –
Subject: Place: [blog name]
Hi [first name]
I am getting in touch to find out if there’d be a chance for you to republish a piece of mine on [blog name]? it’s gone down well on our site and got [share count] shares so far. There’s been a lot of interest, so I thought it’d go down well with [blog name]’s audience.
Title: [title]
[summary of the piece]
[URL of the piece]
What do you think?
Keep it basic, and regard the way that the journalist is hoping to boost the measure of quality content getting through their channel while sparing however much time as could be expected.

5. List building tactic – Opt-in boxes

Each blog needs an email list to ensure that readers hold coming back. The least complex approach to assemble a list is just to put a static opt-in box on your blog.
This way, you have a solid method to catch your reader’s email addresses, send them newsletters, and keep them returning over and over.
Opt-in boxes are anything but very easy to make with tools like SumoMe and OptinMonster, in addition to they plug directly into WordPress and push emails to email marketing platforms like MailChimp and ConvertKit.
In any case, the issue is, that except if somebody explicitly needs your newsletter, they’re not going to subscribe. Consider the possibility that you offered them something better. 
That is the place the following two tactics come in.

Final words:

In short, keyword research is the first process you have to do after that you need to create unique content using the keywords which get from the keyword research process.
You have to do more hard work for link building. The numbers of the link back to your blog doesn’t matter but quality matters. Therefore you will have to do guest blogging and find syndication opportunities.
You need to put one eye on your readers to capture their email addresses for that you have better options.
This is the strategy behind the blogger if you want organic traffic to your website. You have to accept these methods for good ranking also.
Thanks for reading! 

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