DPI Full Form – What is DPI in Printing and Photography?

full form of dpi is dots per inch

What is the full form of DPI?

The full form of DPI is Dots Per Inch. DPI is the number of dots that can be placed in a one-inch-long line.

As we know, the quality of the image depends on the pixels on the computer. As you know, in a soft copy of a photo, the quality of that photo depends on the pixels. Similarly, the quality of a hard copy of a photo depends on DPI.

D – Dots
P – Per
I – Inch

Little bit about DPI

DPI is the term which used in printing and photography. The quality of your print or photocopy depends on DPI. The more DPI you use, the better photo or print you get. Take a look at the photos below. I have added the following photos to explain how DPI causes in photo quality. The dots in the photo are not as accurate. Just look at them to understand.

Look at the first picture. If you print using 10 DPI, you will see the same picture. You will not understand what it is and what the picture is. Printing using 10 DPI is very cheap.

Now, look at the second picture. If you print using 50 DPI, your print will appear like the second picture. Here, too, you will not understand what this picture is about, but with little attention, you can recognize that picture. This picture can be identified by reducing the size of the image at a time.

Now, look at the last picture. You can easily tell that there is a dog in the picture. Also there you can see compact dots between the picture. The size of the dots is too small. And they are very close to each other. So the dog in the image becomes visible and you saw it.

full form of dpi
10 DPI
50 dpi image
50 DPI
full form of dpi
150 DPI

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Now you understand that the visibility of the image will increase as you increase the DPI. So the image with more DPI looks clearer. One disadvantage of this is that the more ink you use, the higher the ink costs, so the cost is higher.

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