DJ Full Form – What does the term DJ stand for?

dj full form

What is the full form of DJ?

The full form of the DJ is Disc jockey. The actual meaning of Disk Jockey is a person who plays and mixes the recorded soundtrack on the sound system. The word Disc in Disc Jockey means a Phonograph Record. Most people think that DJ means a big sound system, but let me tell you this is wrong thinking. Actually, DJ means the person operating this big sound system.

Earlier, less music was played than today. Then there was not even a modern sound system like today’s era. Music was then recorded on the large-sized disc (A phonograph record). And nowadays by connecting the sound system to the laptop, you can mix music with the help of software. In old days DJ was found only in particular places such night clubs, radio channels but now it found everywhere, even it found in marriage and birthday parties.

History of DJ

A radio gossip commentator Walter Winchell coined the term Disk Jockey (DJ) in 1935. It meant that a person who plays soundtracks or music on the radio by using phonograph records. After some time, people who play music at music parties, such people also came to be called Disk Jockeys. Nightclubs, Dance clubs developed from 1947, DJ started playing music in it too. The first DJ mixer was created by Roddy Bozak in 1960.

Types of DJs

As I have told DJ means the person and there are many different types of DJs. The thing that makes one DJ different from another is the places where they are playing as DJ.

  • Club DJs
  • Hip Hop DJs
  • Radio DJs
  • Dancehall/reggae DJs
  • Turntablists
  • Residents
  • Mobile DJs
  • Producer DJs
  • Bedroom DJs

Equipment used by DJs

  • Turntables – This used for playing music via vinyl records.
  • CDJs/media players – It is a multimedia player specially made for DJs.
  • DJ mixers – Electronic machines having many slider buttons to adjust different effects.
  • Headphones – High-quality headphones to hear what DJ is playing
  • Software – Specialized software to adjust and mix the music and audio tracks.
  • Timecode – Specia vinyl records, can be used in DJ software.
  • DJ controllers – It is a digital type audio mixer used by modern DJs instead of hardware mixers.
  • Equalizers – It uses to change the mode of music.

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