DJ Alok Character in Free Fire | How to get DJ Alok for free?

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DJ Alok is the most popular character in Garena Free Fire. In this article, we will discuss some important things about this character. There is a large number of children who play Free Fire and wish to get Alok character, but how would they get it because it is quite expensive. But don’t worry I will tell you some ways so that you can earn diamonds in your Free Fire account and can exchange these diamonds with Alok character.

Hey, do you play Free Fire? If you play and even if you do not play then you will be surprised to know that Free Fire is the most played mobile game in the whole world. To keep Free Fire at the top in the gaming world, its team keeps on trying new things all the time in the game. One of their paying efforts is the character present in it. At this time Free Fire has a total of 38 characters, on the basis of this number Free Fire has the most characters than any other battleground mobile game. Each of these characters has their special abilities, looks, and clothing that set them apart from each other. So let know about Alok’s character.

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What is DJ Alok in Free Fire?

DJ Alok is the most-liked and most popular character in Free Fire, it’s so loved that every Free Fire player wants to have it. The name, look, personality, and clothing style of the character Alok in Free Fire is inspired by a Brazilian musician named Alok Achkar Pares Petrillo. like this musician named Alok is in real life, his character is in the game. Now you must be thinking that why the character of this artist was taken in the game? So this artist signed an agreement with Free Fire according to which it organized concerts for Free Fire. Because of this, its character was taken in the game. In Free Fire, he is always wearing glasses and long leather clothes, which makes him very attractive to the players. In the lobby of the Free Fire game, he is also seen operating the music system, which is the profession of a DJ. In the game too, Alok’s character has been described as the most famous DJ in the world and he is always ready to drop the beats. Let us know some special gaming abilities of Alok which makes him different from the rest of the characters in FF.

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In game abilities of Alok character?

This character in Free Fire has a special survival ability ‘Drop the Beat’. With this, he can create a 5m aura, which increases his movement and sprinting speed by 10% with the restoration of 5 HP/sec for 10 sec. You will be happy to know that you can upgrade Alok to level 6. With each level up, its ability also increases.

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How to get Alok for free in Free Fire?

I have to say with great sadness that it costs you 599 Diamonds in Free Fire to get the Alok character.

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