DCM Full Form – What is the meaning of DCM?

dcm full form

What is the full form of DCM?

The full form of DCM is Diploma in Computer Management. Actually, it is a Post Graduation Diploma, therefore it is also called a Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Management (PGDCM). This is an educational course for those students who are interested in computer science. In this course, you learn some moderate level of computer concepts. The duration of this program is 1 year and it is based on semester patterns.

Syllabus of PGDCM

The syllabus of this course cannot be told with certainty as its syllabus may be different in each college due to capitalization. But from the chart shown below, we can get an idea of what you will get to learn in it.

Semester 1
Introduction to C and C++ languages 
Programming using Visual Basic
Elements of Information Technology
Semester 2
Basic Java
web technology including e-Commerce
Database Management and Oracle
Software Engineering


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