How to Create GitHub Portfolio? – Easy & Simple Method

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Hey, today I am talking about Portfolios. Have you created GitHub Portfolio for your resume? If yes I have best platform for you to place your portfolio. The best platform is GitHub. I hope you already know about GitHub. You can consider GitHub as Web interface.

In other words you can called GitHub as social media of programmers and developers where they show their skills, projects, contributions, etc. There is one more important thing, you must understand before understanding GitHub is Version Control System.

What is Version Control System (VCS)?

Suppose you are working on a project with ten cure developers. Version Control System provide you a server where all developers can collaborate with each others and exchange with each others. This type of system called Version control system.

If you want to learn coding, you peak languages to learn one by one. You need to know why Version Control System get in used? The version control system is the way to make changes in source code.

Suppose you make a project and your are keep changing in your project manually. It seems like very tough task. Sometimes you do live your project by considering the project fully ready. After that if you want to make some changes for future, you must have another copy of your project to make changes. By this way you will have many copies of your project.

As you can see this will become too tough to deal manually with many files. To make easy to manage your project Version Control System available here to help you. The most popular platform for it is Git and GitHub. These both are different things. Next you will read how to build GitHub portfolio.

What is Git?

First of all you need to know what is Git? Git is a system which works on your local machine only. It work on command line interface (CLI). There is no user interface. If you want to work as anonymously, go ahead with Git.

What is GitHub?

As I have already told you about GitHub. It is like a social media of developers. You project will appear to who population on GitHub. Here many people can work on your project.

Also you can called GitHub as web-based hosting service. There you can comment to other’s project, give suggestion to others, collaborate with open source projects, fork projects, download projects, upload your projects and much more activities.

Suppose you have a open source project and you bring it on GitHub. But unfortunately you don’t have time to update it. On GitHub you can request a people to work on your project with you. GitHub help to increase your engagement with people.

Remember the difference between Git and GitHub. Git can be used in only a local machine means only in your computer on other hand GitHub can be use on internet. Many people can work on your project on GitHub. This is why people build the GitHub Portfolio.

A great thing is you will get a free domain on GitHub. Example – https://<your_username> You can check my project Prashant’s project.

How to get started to make GitHub Portfolio?

Before starting you need to know every important things about GitHub. To know about GitHub read above information. To access GitHub interface you need to create account using your email id.

After signing in you are ready to create your GitHub portfolio. One important thing is the term portfolio is not used in GitHub. The word Repository is used instead.

You have created your project on local host, want to host it as live website. You need to create account there first. After creating account, now you are ready to create repository in GitHub.

Create Repository

Step 1 – Click on Create Repository button below top left corner.

create github portfolio

Step 2 – A page will open, enter your portfolio name there as shown in image. You must need to add domain as For example – Your repository name is BloggingDept, then you need to manage it like –

Repository name –

Step 3 – Click on “Create repository” button.

Download GitHub app

Step 4 – Now you need to download GitHub desktop version app. To download GitHub app search GitHub for windows on Google. There are two options for windows and for macOS. You have to download it as per your requirement. After that install GitHub in your computer by running installer.

Step 5 – Login there with your GitHub account.

Insert URL to GitHub Portfolio

create github portfolio

Step 6 – Go again to GitHub website and copy your Git URL from there as shown in image.

Clone repository

Step 7 – Open GitHub app and click on top left corner arrow below menu.

create github portfolio

Step 8 – After that click on “Add” button and after that click on “Clone repository” button.

It will open Clone a repository pop-up.

Step 9 – Go to URL session and paste the copied code in repository URL box.

Step 10 – Then click on “Clone” button.

Explore project as GitHub portfolio

create github portfolio

Step 11 – Now you are ready to add your project files to your GitHub. Click on “Show in Explorer” button.

Step 12 – It will open your Git’s source folder. Copy and paste your project’s files like font folder, image folder, icon folder, debugs (text document), Microsoft Edge HTML documents, JS files, CSS files and etc. in that folder.

Give name to GitHub portfolio

Step 13 – After exporting project files, it will be appear in GitHub app. In bottom left corner you can see blank place enter your project name and description there.

Step 14 – Click on “Commit to master” button.

Step 15 – Click on “Publish Branch” button.

Live your project

Step 16 – Go to GitHub website and navigate to Setting>>GitHub Pages.

Step 17 – Make sure you have selected your Branch as Main.

Wait for 5-10 minute. Keep refreshing the page until message on GitHub pages turns green. Once the message turn into green, your project will convert into a live website. Now your GitHub portfolio is ready to insert in your resume.


GitHub is like free hosting cum social media. If you are thinking to do blogging using GitHub, it is not possible. To do blogging your must need is domain and hosting.

I hope this article will help you to make your portfolio live successfully. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any query, feel free to ask me by comment.

Thanks for reading.

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