What is the COBOL programming language?

cobol full form

In this article, I am going to introduce to you an advanced computer programming language, whose name is COBOL. Along with this, I will also tell you the full form of COBOL, its features, and what it is used for.

What is the full form of COBOL?

The term COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. COBOL is one of those computer languages, which are oldest but still in use. It can not run alone a Job Control Language (JCL) is required to execute COBOL’s programs It is a programming language that is commonly used for business data processing. It is also one of the easiest computer languages because in it uses direct English words instead of complicated syntax. COBOL can handle and process a huge amount of data.

History of COBOL

COBOL was introduced in 1952, Grace Hopper and her team created the first compiler for computer languages. After that in 1959 COBOL was modernized by Conference On Data System Language (CODASYL). In those days, every computer designer has their own programming language. COBOL was a programming language that could be run on different computers. That’s why it was first adopted by the Department of Defence because they had to get many computers from different buyers. After this, it underwent many modifications by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages running till now.

Features of COBOL

  • COBOL is a specialized language to write the application programs
  • The biggest feature of COBOL is that it is very easy, due to which it is user friendly. The syntax used in this is made from English Vocabulary whithout being complicated like others.
  • COBOL has the capability to handle and process huge amounts of data like transactions in banks. COBOL is capable for everyone from school attendance to complicated transactions. Worldwide 70% of business transactional applications run using COBOL.
  • COBOL has been in use for six decades, during this time it has seen many revolutions according to the users. It also features for finding bugs and making testing tools for all type of systems.
  • Due to COBOL has logical control structure, this is very easy to understand, amendment and debug. It can also be used in numerous platforms and devices.
  • Applications made by COBOL can deal with huge amounts of data, are easy to understand, are portable which means those can be used by everyone.

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