How to Change Email Address (Admin) in Blogger

There is no direct option to change Email Address in the blogger. Here is a cool way to change it, however you can call it a trick to change your primary login email address.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to change the login email address. What will you do at that time, here is the solution. In this article, I gonna show you a very short trick.

Here are some possible reasons to change the login email address as follows – 

1. A newbie blogger starts a blog on a random email address therefore they need to move to their regular email address. Here is the big need to change it.

2. Suppose you have more blogs and all blogs are created on different email addresses then it is difficult to handle all your blogs. In this case, you need to change all blog’s login addresses and assemble all of them to a single login id.

3. You have applied for AdSense from a different email address. Now you want to connect the blog and AdSense to one email address.

Change Login Email Address (Admin) in Blogger

I have already told there is not any direct method for changing the login email address. To change it you need to follow the following steps – 

1. Login to your blogger account for what you want to change the Login Email Address.

2. I assume that you have one more email address that you have to replace with the first one. If you have not then go and create it.


3. Now go to Blogger Dashboard > Setting > Basics. You will get the Permissions section.

4. Now you will get the option named Blog Admins and Authors.


5. Click on the Invite more authors button and send the author to invite to your new email address.

6. Now go to that new email address and accept the author’s invitation.

7. After accepting, you will find your new email address in the old blogger’s Authors section.

8. Now change the role of the new email address from Author to Admin.

Final Steps – 

If you want both email addresses attached to those blogs, you do not need to do anything. if you need to remove the old email address then follow the steps – 

1. Login to blogger from the new email address

2. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Setting > Basics > Blog Admins and Authors


3. Now remove your old Email Address from here

4. Done!!

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In spite of the fact that it is smarter to adhere to one specific email address since your visitors become accustomed to it and all other Google accounts are related to it, some of the time it turns into a need to change your primary email address in blogger. In that case, you can follow the steps above.

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