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bp full form

Hey, if you play PUBG, you must know that there are many abbreviations we have to use in it. But do you know what is those abbreviations meaning? In this article, we will know about all the abbreviations of PUBG such as BP full form, RP full form, AG, MVP, and so on about many abbreviations used in PUBG. Some of these abbreviations are made by PUBG and some are made by people for ease of conversation.

OP Over Powered
TDM Team Death MatchRead more
UCUnknown CashRead more
MVPMost Valuable Player
BTBad Trip
ESPExtra Sensory PerceptionRead more
HPHealth Points
TPPThird Person PerspectiveRead more
FPPFirst-Person Perspective
GGGood Game
KDKill-Death ratio Read more
AFKAway From KeyboardRead more
BTCBound to Character
AWMArctic Warfare MagnumRead more
ASAPAs Soon As PossibleRead more
BPBattle Points
AGAce Gold
BRBBe Right Back
ADSAim Down Sight
GLHFGood Luck Have Fun
RPRoyal Pass
BFFBest Friend Forever
ARAssault Rifle
SMGSubmachine Guns
KRJPKorea and Japan
FPSFrames Per Second
EXPExperience Points
UIUser Interface

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Help – If we have missed any abbreviation used in PUBG in the list shown above like BP full form, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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