BGMI 1.9 Update release date – New collaboration and features

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In this article, we will know about the release date of the upcoming 1.9 update in BGMI, who will collaborate with this time, new themes and what new features will come.

Currently Jujutsu Kaisen is ongoing as a theme with version 1.8 of BGMI. And before that we got to see Spider-Man mode in the same version. Right now this version is about to complete 2 months and version 1.9 all set to be launched. Now the question is arising that on what date this launch will happen, what will be new in this update, which theme will come this time, supply crate will come or not. You will find answers to all these questions below in this article.

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PUBG 1.9 update release date

PUBG 1.9 update is going to release on 18th March for global version. We can not get this update of global version from PlayStore in India but it can be taken from other third party applications or can be downloaded directly from the official website of PUBG by using VPN.

BGMI 1.9 update release date

It takes more than two days for this update to arrive in BGMI. Meaning it comes in BGMI two days after the update comes in PUBG global version. So the launch date of the BGMI 1.9 update will be between 18th to 20th March. We can download this update from many places like PlayStore, official website and other third party applications and websites like apkpure. Even after the update came, it did not show in the PlayStore of your mobile, then do not worry, it takes time to upload updated version for each and every mobile version.

New features in BGMI 1.9 update

Perhaps you would know that in the month of March, there is the anniversary of PUBG. So to celebrate the anniversary, PUBG/BGMI has added some really cool and game changing features which we will see in Erangel: Vibrant Anniversary and Livik: Vibrant Anniversary maps.

1. Nimbus Island of Anniversary of PUBG will be added in Erangel and Livik and it will be renamed as Erangel: Vibrant Anniversary and Livik: Vibrant Anniversary.
2. The Recall towers will be added to ranked and unranked Erangel and Livik and additionally it will be added to Aftermath also.

Have a look on upgraded bridge in Erangel.

3. The bridges of Erangel will be rewamped in 1.9.0 version. This is the time to change the strategy of bridge camping.
4. Nimbus Island, Vibrant Plaza, and Vibrant Camp will be added to Erangel and Livik.
5. For those who could not get Falcon Companion last time, they will get a chance to grab it again for free.
6. There will be a new map name Assault in the Unranked category, which we will be able to play like 4v4 TDM.

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