The 3 Best VPN for PUBG Mobile – No More High Ping

best vpn for pubg mobile

PUBG (Player Unknows Battle Ground) has become one of the most played digital game in the world. If you play PUBG, this topic is for you. In this article I will tell you the best VPN for PUBG mobile.

Hey, If you play PUBG mobile you know, how many glitch and bugs there is in PUBG mobile. The most hard thing for PUBG mobile player is PUBG is banned in India. For this reason we get to see a lot of glitches and bugs in PUBG mobile. The latest version of PUBG mobile is 1.3.0.

As you know PUBG mobile released 3 years ago. The PUBG received a very good response in India. In 2021 there is third anniversary of PUBG mobile. Due to PUBG mobile banned in India there are many bugs we found as follows –

Some common problems in PUBG mobile

  • Unable to connect with server – When you try to open your game it shows unable to connect with server or server response time out or couldn’t find server etc. These bugs do occur even if you have high speed internet.
  • You can’t login – This is a very common issue. It shows nothing when you try to login to PUBG or sometimes it show messages like login failed or something. If you have other PUBG id you can’t login to it.
  • Trouble to download resource packs – In PUBG mobile we get the characters. They have clothes too. People spend money to get expensive outfits. But when you update or reinstall PUBG mobile, your clothes and skins become invisible to you. To make that visible you have to download resource packs but you unable to download it. Your character is still naked.
  • Always ping high/game lag problem – This is the most harassing issue in PUBG mobile. We have been seeing this problem ever since PUBG mobile was banned. You can not give your effective gaming experience with your teammates.
  • Changed Server – If you have been playing PUBG from season 15, you may know that the way to changing server has been canceled. Now if you select a server, you can not change it for 2 months. As you know If you live in India, your best ping is in Asia server. Your ping will be high in other servers.
  • Mic glitch/Speaker glitch – Sometimes you can’t hear your teammates or sometimes your voice is not heard by your teammates, this happen because of mic/speaker glitch.

To fix all the above problem you use the VPNs. But you don’t know which is best VPN which can provide you best experience. I have researched on it. Because I was also playing PUBG with high ping. I found five best VPNs for us which can give us best experience. These VPNs are not only for PUBG mobile global version but also for PUBG mobile Korean version as well as PUBG mobile lite too.

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So let know, which is the best VPN for PUBG mobile –

Which is the best VPN for PUBG mobile?

As you know to fix all the above issues, you have to use VPN. VPNs should be effective by using them your ping should be remain constant. The ping should not increase.

I am talking about best VPNs but I am not giving rating to it and I am not arranged them by their usability. I have putted the numbers randomly.

1. Singapore VPN

Singapore VPN is also one the best VPN which is specially work on PUBG. Even many people connect this VPN while opening crate. This VPN also help to keep your ping constant and less. It is made by DroidTechSoft company. As you can see it has 4.0 rating and 1M+ people downloaded it.

It provides safety, security and privacy Protection. You can unblock any sites, apps or games. Also it provide game acceleration & Ping booster. In this app you can select your server manually by clicking glob button in top right corner.

It’s also very easy to use. You only have to click on connect button in app. After that accept the permission request. Now you all set wait for connect. Once it connect you ready to play PUBG without high high ping.

2. 3x VPN

As you can see this VPN is specially made for gaming. You can see game’s icon on it’s description picture. This VPN is made by fruit Security Studio. It has 4.4 star rating. It is legally available on Google Play Store.

It is very easy to use with more features. You can connect VPN by single tap. On the other hand you can select server manually. This VPN provides a additional function that is you can increase disconnect time of VPN. This function is very useful for gamers.

3. VPN is one of the best VPN and it’s developer has developed it specially for PUBG mobile. It is legally available on Google Play Store. As you can see it has average 4.3 rating and around 250k+ people reviewed on it. It downloaded by 10M+ people.

It is very easy to use as well as it has very simple interface. Only you have to enable the connect button. If it opened a pop-up click ok. You have connected successfully. If you want to disconnect, close the button.

It is a totally free application, which makes your internet safer and private. gives more value to your privacy. They don’t sell your data to anyone. This is made by company.


Every device have a different system therefore if first VPN is working properly in my device, it doesn’t work well in your mobile either. Hence you have to try all 3 VPNs in your device and decide which is best for you.

This is depend on your device to work with a VPN. But I am sure you will get best gaming experience by using one of these VPNs. I am also playing PUBG mobile without high ping and without getting any lag.

I hope you are able to get less ping by using one of these VPNs. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any query you can tell me by comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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