A Beginner’s Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon affiliate program

Today I am talking about a very good topic. Yes! Today I am talking about the Amazon affiliate program. This is a very interesting article. Everybody knows about affiliate marketing is possible in Amazon.

Check the article on affiliate marketing first. I have told there how does affiliate marketing works? As I told everybody has the idea about the Amazon affiliate program but no idea about how to go ahead?
Amazon is the world’s biggest online market you know. There are many platforms that provide affiliate program but every marketer tries to sell the product of Amazon. That means this is the first choice of maximum marketers.
Why the maximum marketers choose the Amazon for affiliate marketing? When they sell the product of Amazon, the selling is nothing without promotion. The Amazon converts the effort into good profit than others.
Amazon has created more trust in the mind of people. It is a really very trusty market.
If the customer did online shopping from this marketplace once, they become a regular customer of it and do it again and again.
This is the reason for maximum marketers choose the Amazon for it.
Suppose you are promoting the products. There are average chances of selling the product. It anybody shop your product and the product did not exactly match. Means that the product comes different than looking, Amazon gives you your profit also in this condition.
Many of good marketers place the Amazon affiliate link directly in their post. By this way, they are earning very good commission.
Similarly, you can place the Amazon affiliate link in your blog or post. You will also get a good commission for that. There are many common products used by maximum people. Example- Levi’s jean, DSLR camera, Memory card, and pan drive etc. There are many products like this which you can sell easily.
Amazon does not give a lot of commission for each and every product. But least commission is a big motivation for you to turn toward affiliate marketing. If you are earning the least profit for one product, think about how many you can get from many products. Think about it.
How good the Amazon affiliate marketing is! Because of no need to do anything. You have to only promote the product. But you can promote it easily. Therefore this is a very good earning source. Many people are turning toward it.
Amazon gives you 10 percent of the selling price of the product. In some conditions, it depends on what type of product are you selling?
Have you seen while surfing the Amazon website that Amazon offers the product in many different categories? This is not other than the niche. You can find the products easily using these categories.
I am giving the official chart for offering price of Amazon. In this chart, you can see Amazon offers a different rate for each and every category.
amazon affiliate program
If you are the blogger and writing about SEO, tutorial and many things like this, you can sell the book regarding this subject. In this condition, there are not more chances to earn more money.
If you are the blogger and write about gadgets like the mobile, laptop and electric appliances, you will get the more benefit from Amazon. Therefore the maximum marketers do the review or write reviews on the products.
There are many other ways by which you, I and every marketer can get the good commission. We will discuss as further, now let start the very main and important topic of today.

How to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program?  

amazon affiliate program


Now you need to sign up by remembering your location. Not your exact location, but your targeted location.
For example, if you are targeting to the audience from the U.S. you should go for Amazon us. If you are targeting to the audience from India you should go for Amazon in.
If you like to sell your products to the audience from all countries, you should sign up for all Amazon websites. For example- Amazon Australia, Amazon Japan etc. You should have the account of all Amazon Affiliate websites.
Let start the step by step tutorial to Signing up-
This is a very simple process to sign up for Amazon. If you have created the consumer’s account, will that be ok? You can sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program using your consumer’s account.

How to monetize with Amazon Affiliate program?

I hope that you have created or signed up with Amazon Affiliate program. If you have not, do it earlier.
Now we are going one step ahead in this program. The next step is generating the link or code to place in your blog. By place this code in your blog, you can show the banners, links, and widget of the Amazon Affiliate program.
Now you can show the banners of the Amazon Affiliate program on your blog. Now, this is your choice, what you want to show on your website?
If you are the marketer and writing or reviewing on a gadget like mobile, T.V. and laptop etc., you can place the direct link in that page for the reviewed product or you can create the recommended gadget page and place the banner in this page.
I will write a detailed tutorial on how to get a link for each product and how to place it in your blog.
Now is the time to start the Amazon Affiliate program. Go ahead and start to earn money by the Amazon Affiliate program.

Is Amazon Affiliate program better than AdSense?

Suppose you have fully approved AdSense account. Your blog gets 1000 visitors per day or maybe more. If your CTR is about $3 or $2, you will earn around $100 per month.
Now, suppose you have a blog and monetized with Amazon Affiliate program. I don’t know your click-through rate but we are holding 5%. The visitor to your Amazon through your blog is minimum 50 per day. Now your sell is minimum 2 or 3 per day.
2 or 3 per day that means 60 or 90 sales per month and you will get the commission of $200 – $2000.
Remember Amazon is specialized for business. In business always get more profit than other sources. Therefore don’t compare AdSense with Affiliate marketing. It both are good at their places.
This was the beginner’s guide to the Amazon Affiliate program. I will also write pro articles on this topic.
If you have found some query to start the Amazon Affiliate program, you can inform me by contact. 

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