BBC Full Form – What does the meaning of the term BBC?

bbc full form

What is the full form of BBC?

bbc full form

The full form of the term BBC is British Broadcasting Corporation. The BBC is one of the largest news broadcasting networks in the world. Its country of origin is the United Kingdom, and its current headquarter is located in London, United Kingdom. Earlier the BBC was limited to the UK only but in 1932 the BBC became an international level news channel. It is the oldest news broadcasting organization in the world and the world’s largest broadcaster by the active number of employees. International events and the latest breaking news are mainly broadcast on this channel. It is an international level channel, so its primary language is English, as well as BBC broadcast in many languages around the world. Read more about British Broadcasting Corporation on Wikipedia‘s page.

On 6th March 2017, BBC in association with Sony launched a channel on the Indian television network, which was named Sony BBC Earth. The channel broadcasts its programs in 4 audio tracks in India includes English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. This channel is available on all DTH networks and cable networks in India. The programs shown on this channel are very entertaining. Because it mainly tells about the geography of the whole universe, along with its survival programs, historical programs, treasure hunting programs are also broadcast on it.


  • British Broadcasting Company (BBC) was established by John Reith on 18 October 1922, and on 1st January 1927, it was renamed as British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
  • The BBC made its first broadcast on 14th November 1922 in association with Marconi’s Studio in London.
  • The Radio Times, the BBC’s weekly magazine, first launched in September 1923.
  • The BBC was first heard on the radio in 1924, thanks in large part to Sir Frank Watson Dyson and Director General of BBC John Reith.
  • The BBC launched its first television service in 1936 at the Alexandra Palace in London.
  • Television programs had to be discontinued during World War II, although the BBC did a good job of entertaining and warn TV viewers through radio services.
  • Broadcasting of the Queen’s coronation ceremony led to an increase in people’s desire to watch TV, which led to a huge amount of TV sales.
  • The BBC’s first TV center opened in West London in 1960, which later became the BBC’s headquarter.
  • The BBC made its website live ( in 1997 to provide its service for internet users.

Functions of BBC

  • The BBC does its work in three mediums of media publications, radio, and broadcast. A maximum percentage of their revenue and profit is generated from BBC news broadcasting channel.
  • BBC News Channel is broadcast in India, United States of America, China, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Australia and almost all over the world.
  • The programs shown on the BBC channel are mainly focused on global news and current affairs. The news on this channel is translated to the local language of different countries in order to broadcast around the world.
  • BBC has many YouTube channels based on many languages, through which they publish local news.

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