How to Enable AMP for Astra Theme – Full Tutorial

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Hey, If you are blogger and do blogging in WordPress, this article is very important for you. Do you know about AMP? What is AMP? full form of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Page. AMP help to decrease load speed of your blog in mobile devices. Today I am going to tell you the tutorial for enable AMP in Astra Theme.

As you know Astra is fastest theme on internet. You can check it’s rating. I also use Astra theme on my blog as you can see. It’s look is very simple but here are many in build customization options in the Astra theme.

If you are looking for configuring AMP in theme, don’t worry. Astra theme fully support to AMP.

Configure AMP in Astra theme

Astra has mentioned on there website that they support to AMP. That means Astra theme is AMP friendly. I am telling you a method by which you can enable AMP option in each and every posts and pages. That will be your choice. Also you can enable or disable AMP option as per your requirement posts and pages. Only you need to install a external plugin for it. Let get started –

Step 1 – Open Plugin >> Add new

Step 2 – Search for AMP using search bar

amp in astra theme

Step 3 – Install the same theme as you can see in the image

Step 4 – After installation click on Activate button

Now you have installed AMP plugin successfully. You first task is completed. Now you need to enable AMP in your theme. To configure that follow me step by step –

Step 5 – Go to AMP >> Setting in menu

amp in astra theme

Step 6 – Click on Open Wizard button


Now it will open welcome page of AMP plugin. Go ahead and click on Next button there.

Technical Background Area

amp in astra theme

Step 7 – Tick on second option Non-technically savvy or wanting a simpler setup as shown in image

Template Modes

Step 8 – Choose second option Transitional as shown in image

Step 9 – Enable Redirect mobile visitors to AMP as shown in image


Now this most important part. As shown in image you have to keep same setting in your Review session.

Step 10 – Disable Serve all templates as AMP as shown in image.

Congratulation you have done successfully! Now your website is ready to enable AMP. Your all posts will be display as AMP after 1 or 2 days. Astra provide you the facility to have a enable/disable option in each and every post.

amp in astra theme

As you can this option will be available in Post setting area in your post edit. As you can see now you can enable/disable AMP for each and every post.

When you move from blogger to WordPress you won’t know any thing. Therefore I have mentioned whole process of installation of plugin.

Remember – By applying this plugin to your blog, by default it enable AMP for every post and pages on your blog. You need to disable as per your choice.


If you want to enable AMP in your whole site, you are going wrong. You can observe maximum big blogger do not add AMP in their whole website. Anyway do what ever you want to do.

Here you go we have successfully attached AMP plugin with theme. Now you have specialized option to enable posts as AMP. This is because of Astra theme.

As you already know that the loading speed comes under On-page SEO. By doing AMP you can reduce loading speed of your website. But now a days, no more need to do AMP because of high speed internet.

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