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Airtel is one of the best telecom companies in India. Today I am going to tell you how you can activate the Airtel missed call alert. Today I have found this new query about my phone.

The missed call alert service is automatically activated on each and every phone. But in Airtel, you have to activate it by yourself. The missed call alert service is available in every telecom company but you just need to activate it. There is a short process for it. We are going to discuss it.

This service is particularly helpful for calls from unknown numbers. It provides you with the facility to get messages when someone is trying to call you while your mobile is switched off or if the mobile is out of coverage area. You will get a notification from the same number as the call comes when your number is available.

How to activate/deactivate Airtel missed call alert?

As I have told you, this service is totally free for the first 30 days from activation of the service. It means you don’t need to pay for the first month of this service. After a month if you want to reactivate this service you have to pay ₹30 for a month. There is no annual plan for it. You have to keep this for a month only and need to reactivate it again and again.

Two methods are there to activate this service on your mobile number. Either you can activate through a toll-free IVR number or activate by running a USSD code.

But something is going wrong with the toll-free IVR number. On some phones, it says “the number you have dialed is currently switched off”. On some phones, the IVR process couldn’t go ahead. Therefore you should try the USSD code directly.

First of all, let me know the toll-free IVR number. You have to dial the 59500 number from your Airtel number where you have to activate missed call alert. Just dial the above number from your Airtel number and follow their instructions. If you can, you can do activate/deactivate missed call alerts from the same IVR number.

On the other hand, there are different USSD codes for activate/deactivate missed call alerts. Let see which are the number below –

To activate – *321*800#
To deactivate – *321*883#

The above two codes are for different work. The first one is for activating missed call alerts and the second one is for deactivating missed call alerts.

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