AFK Full form – What does the meaning of AFK?

afk full form

What is the full form of AFK?

The full form of the term AFK is Away From Keyboard, which means I am not able to reply right now. This is one of the most used and popular acronyms while chatting. When someone sends you a message and you are unable to reply to it for some reason, then that person asks the reason for not replying, then you can tell it in short that “I was AFK”.

There are many meanings of this abbreviation, as if you are going to permanently offline means you will come online directly tomorrow, so you can use it. Also, you can use it when you want to say that you will be right back after some time, which means you are going to take a short break for a while.

AFK meaning in PUBG

Nowadays, this abbreviation is being heard saying while playing multiplayer games like PUBG and Free Fire. If you land at the extreme end of the plane path in PUBG, you will find a lot of offline guys there, these offline guys are called AFK in PUBG.

When to use AFK?

As I have told you this is an acronym, which use to say that I am not online. If you do not have to chat with anyone and go offline immediately, this is the best way in such a situation. Just say AFK and run offline. Let see how you can use it in the sentence.

  • I will be AFK until my exam doesn’t over.
  • Look here are three AFK guys (in-game).
  • I want to be AFK, my mom called me.
  • Sorry babe, I have to be AFK for a while.

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