How to Add Your Website to The Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is one of the best and massive tools to track and analyze the visitors to your website. It shows the accurate number. It is a very complex view.

If you are a Blogger user, you get in build visitor’s tracker in its dashboard. Therefore this is the plus point for Blogger users. If you are not looking for any external tool to track your visitors, Blogger is good for you.

If you are a WordPress user, here you don’t get any in-build visitors tracker. You need to install a plugin for it. Unfortunately, this is the minus point for WordPress.

Both Blogger and WordPress users can use Google Analytics. Analytics is too simple but new people were unable to understand analytics. I was also confused about it.

If you have a new website and looking for how you can add your website to Google Analytics, I gonna show you the straight tutorial to it. Read this article carefully. I will show you the step-by-step tutorial with screenshots.

Let get started to the tutorial –

Add Website to Google Analytics

Step 1 – Go to Analytics and click on “Get Started” button

Step 2 – Login there with your Google account (where you have to create analytics account)

(If you have not GA account, go and create it first)

add website to google analytics

Step 3 – Now Click on “Admin” button (bottom left corner of dashboard)

New window will open with “Create Account” and “Create Property” buttons.

add website to google analytics

Step 4 – Click on “Create Property” button

Now you have to add information about your property

add website to google analytics

Step 5 – Add the name of your Website

Step 6 – Select your Time Zone and Currency and click on “Next”

Select the suitable options on another page of Property details

Step 7 – Click on “Web” Option

Step 8 – Add URL carefully as well as Website Name and click on “Create steam” button

Step 9 – Copy the code as shown in image

You have to paste this code into theme editor of your website.

Step 10

WordPress – If you are using WordPress go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor

Blogger – If you are Blogger user go to Theme and click on this arrow as shown in image

Click on Edit HTML button

add website to google analytics

Step 11 – Paste that copied code anywhere before ending of head tag as shown in image

Congratulations! you have done it successfully.

Go and analyze your website on analytics.

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