ACK Full Form – What is the full form of ACK?

ack full form

In this article, we are going to see the full form of ACK, which is written as an abbreviation for a word while chatting.

Billions of people text each other daily for different reasons on social media and messenger. We try to be as fast as possible while typing anything on a computer or mobile. To reply to the message as soon as possible, people have started using the short forms of some words. Example – I love you is written as I luv u in short, and it is known to the whole world, so there is no need to explain its actual meaning.

What is the full form of ACK?

The term ACK stands for Acknowledge and Acknowledgment at the time of chatting or texting anywhere. In simple language, the word acknowledge means accept, admit, recognize, give notice of receipt, etc., and acknowledgment means adoption (In Hindi acknowledge means स्वीकार करना and acknowledgment mean स्वीकृति).

This word is a formal word which is commonly used in the business and finance world. Instead of the word acknowledge, we use the word admit and recognize in everyday English.

When to use ACK as an acronym?

This acronym can be used with the following meanings: Agree and Accept. Meaning when you agree on something or when you are ready to accept something then you can use it. If we see the literal meaning of these words, then they are similar, but their use in the sentence changes their meaning.

The acronym can be used to express three different senses –

#1. To accept, admit or recognize

To accept, admit or recognize something or someone, especially when something is true or exists in a particular situation.


  1. We acknowledge that we need to move on.
  2. We must acknowledge that success comes to those who work hard.

#2. To Confirm something

Although its meaning is also ‘to accept’ but we use it in a sentence in such a way that its meaning changes.


  1. Cash receipts are used to acknowledge cash which is received by the party.
  2. I should be thankful if you would acknowledge the receipt of goods.

#3. To express something

By the way, it also means ‘to accept’ but like manifesting something.


  1. The government gave them an award to acknowledge their bravery.
  2. The company gave him a trophy to acknowledge his contribution.

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